Raw material price high volatility steel price supported

- Jan 28, 2019-

Raw material price fluctuations, steel prices still have a supporting role, according to Yiu Heng Stainless steel analysis, in the production process, color stainless steel products surface has scratches, that is to be removed, because scratches will not only affect its aesthetics, but also in use will make a variety of lubricants or other products remain in the dent recess, resulting in great inconvenience. For the occurrence of scratches of color stainless steel products, all Jia Fu stainless steel factory polishing treatment, polishing can be stainless steel surface scratches clean, so that it remains smooth and smooth, so that the product in the use of the process to become more convenient.

1. At the end of 6 months, the price of coking coal fell, but the price of the main original combustion materials remained high. From the comparison, the price of domestic iron concentrate increased by 58 yuan/ton, the increase was 8.77%, the price of imported iron ore (customs) increased by 2.73 US dollars/ton, the increase was 3.6%, the price of scrap steel rose 104 yuan/ton, the increase was 6.09%, the price of coking coal and metallurgical coke decreased by 50 yuan/ton and 209 yuan/ton The decreases were 3.3% and 10.86%, respectively. Compared with the same period a year earlier, the prices of domestic and imported mines increased by 72.42% and 83.27% respectively, the price of scrap steel increased by 64.79%, and the prices of coking coal and metallurgical coke increased by 135.15% and 157.51% respectively. The high price fluctuation of the original combustion material still has the supporting effect to the steel price.

2. "We have now begun to implement this task, communicating with 30 provinces and autonomous regions, with large state-owned enterprises, and defining this year's tasks. "Said Yao Heng. Despite the daunting task, he said, he was confident of completing this year's target task. From the recent construction of Yiu Heng Stainless Steel plate market transactions, due to the southern region for the plum rain season, persistent rainy days and the impact of floods, tide, construction work slowed down, the demand for Yiu Heng Stainless steel has decreased, but some large households are fair daily sales, some reached more than 2000 tons.

In the recent past, the increase in middleman shipments, some attempts to hoard goods, midrange demand.