The main advantages of glass cloth filtration

- Feb 28, 2019-

The main advantages of glass cloth filtration: Simple structure, can be installed in from the static furnace to the mold transfer anywhere, such as flow groove, flow plate, drop place, distribution funnel, mold liquid hole.

Low cost of use, under normal conditions, the consumption of glass cloth is about 0.05〜0.07 metal, one of its filtration costs is about 0.10〜0.15 metal. Has no effect on the original casting system (casting temperature, casting speed, etc.). Has no effect on the grain microstructure of ingot. The shortcoming of glass cloth filtration is limited in slag removal, can not remove gas, can only use one casting time, need to be replaced frequently.

In order to improve the stability of the lithography mesh, the glass cloth is pretreated with a stable surface active substance at the melting temperature before sewing the filter to prevent the glass wire from sliding and moving, while making it easy to cut the force.

At present, some factories in China use peach glue or starch pulp for pretreatment, although it can also reach the above, but these hydrocarbon compounds in the aluminum melt easy to cause pollution. The shape and size of the glass cloth filter must be designed according to the location conditions of the placement and the size of the melt flow.