Thin steel Plate

- Mar 16, 2019-

A thin steel plate is a steel plate with a thickness not greater than 3 mm.

Commonly used thin steel plate thickness of 0.5-2MM, divided into plate and coil supply.

Common steel plate (black tin), galvanized steel plate (white iron) Thin steel plate is generally B-type steel, steel number of B0-B3 cold or hot steel plate. Requirements for thin steel plates: flat surface, smooth, thickness symmetrical, allowing tight iron oxide film, there must be no cracks, scarring and other defects. The process is divided into hot-rolled thin steel plate and cold rolled thin steel plate.

Mainly used in long Lindong fans, automobiles, electrical equipment, vehicles, agricultural machinery, containers, steel furniture and so on.

Advantages: Good processability, simple connection, easy installation, light weight and have a certain mechanical strength and good fire performance, good sealing effect;

Disadvantages: Poor thermal insulation performance, large operating noise, anti-static difference; Galvanized iron has good corrosion resistance.