Wear-Resistant plate usage

- Mar 30, 2019-

Many industries now need to use wear-resistant plates as their work to block worn plates, the use of wear-resistant plates on some large areas of wear and tear can extend the service life of industrial equipment, and we know after understanding that the current factory production of wear-resistant plate models are still very many. Everyone in the purchase must pay attention to do not buy wrong, after all, different industries used wear-resistant plate model and wear resistance is not the same, then, what are the main uses of wear-resistant plate?

Wear-resistant steel plate can be used to manufacture bucket, loader, dump truck, crusher, powder separator, chute and a variety of wear-resistant lining. The SB series of wear-resistant steel plates can afford any form of wear and tear from a wide variety of rocks, sand and gravel.

Hardox wear-resistant plate according to the use of equipment can be divided into:

1, Construction machinery and equipment: Loader bulldozer excavator bucket board, side blade plate, bucket bottom plate, blade, thought board.

2, loading and unloading machinery and equipment: unloading rolling mill chain board, Hopper liner, grab blade plate, medium-sized automatic tumbler flip plate.

3, Construction machinery and equipment: Cement pusher gear plate, concrete mixer liner, mixing building lining plate, dust collector lining plate.

4, metallurgical machinery and equipment: iron ore sintering conveyor elbow, iron ore sintering machine liner, scraper lining plate.

5, mining machinery and equipment: mineral materials, stone crusher lining plate, blades.

6, other machinery and equipment: sand mill cylinder, blades, a variety of port machinery wear-resistant parts.

7, Thermal Power equipment: Coal mill lining plate, coal bucket, coal transport pipe, coal distributor lattice, coal discharge equipment liner. 8, blasting machinery and equipment: blasting machine lining plate.