What are the characteristics of the ruler machine?

- Feb 22, 2019-

Ruler Machine is also called ruler bezel, is with the heat saw machine or shearing machine work, its main is profile according to a certain length of sawing or cutting.

The ruler machine has many forms, according to the structure can be divided into door type and cantilever type two kinds; According to the action can be divided into vertical rise and fall and horizontal action two kinds. The door ruler machine is in a frame similar to a doorway type, according to different ruler length changes, placed a number of ruler bezel. The ups and downs of this bezel are controlled by wind or electrical.

This side ruler machine covers a large area, loading and unloading is not convenient. The cantilever ruler machine is driven by the motor through the reducer a long screw, with the help of the rotation of the 45# steel plate to make the bezel lateral movement.

This bezel positioning is more accurate. There is also a bezel that hangs two to three chopper bezel on a light pole. The position of the bezel is fixed by a pin, and the landing of the bezel is moved manually, which can also meet the production.