40cr Steel Plate Manufacturers The Price Of A Sharp Fall May Still Be Small

- Jan 29, 2019-

Recently, China's domestic 40cr steel plate manufacturers market to maintain a low supply of low demand situation, on the one hand, after the spring Festival, Steel enterprises themselves have a certain inventory pressure, and iron ore price surge led to the cost end of the rise, steel enterprises active production intention in general, on the other hand, the recent weather conditions in bad conditions of the North and south Although there are many infrastructure projects approved in various places, but the start of more forms than the actual, so the consumption of steel is also at freezing point.According to the latest news released by steel companies, some steel companies still have blast furnace maintenance arrangements in the near future, coupled with greater environmental pressure, short-term domestic steel enterprises start rate is difficult to significantly recover. Today, the domestic market price of China and thick plate stable and healthy. According to Lange Iron and steel cloud business Platform monitoring data show: As of March 11, the domestic key city 16-25mm the average price of 3953 yuan (ton price, the same below), compared with the last trading day fell 8 yuan, compared with the same period last week fell 14 yuan, up from a period last month rose 15 yuan.

Merchants rationally bid, steel mills turn a blind eye. Around 9:30, in the spot market has not yet started the deal, SHA Steel a new phase of building materials price policy out of the cage: thread, disk snail and wire are maintained in the previous price unchanged, for the previous completion of the plan part, rebar to supplement 80 yuan/ton, disk snail and wire to supplement 100 yuan/ton. Not moving, a substantial replenishment, such adjustment and market expectations in line with the previous period of rising and fruitless premise, SHA Steel This period did not take the initiative to reduce, but the use of the policy to ensure that agents do not lose a big loss, indicating that the leading steel mills still choose to "City" in the way of "to inventory"-the most miserable is the dealer: follow, It is reported that after the introduction of sand steel prices, the spot market has not been "disturbed": 40cr steel plate manufacturers continue to pay attention to their own transactions, the price of the dominant resources has not changed.

With the convening of the two sessions, the demand continues to wake up, the medium and thick plate market in the inventory removal of slow pressure, slightly tired. Today's mainstream region Handan Wuan, Jiangyin, Shanghai, music from the price steady and healthy. At present, Handan Wuan, Shanghai, le from the regional prices currently run in 3870, 3970, 4040 yuan or so respectively. From the steel mill lock price Point of view, most of the Northern steel mills continue to firm operation, Puyang lock Price in about 3970 yuan, Wuan area of other steel mills in about 3900 yuan, Tang steel prices are basically about 3950 yuan, the rest of the steel mills will be more willing to price is also higher. Steel mills remain strong under the influence of cost and profit, forming strong support for market prices. And market traders shipped poor, and during the two sessions of the market start slightly suppressed, so that market sentiment slightly pessimistic, but in the steel plant blast furnace, tie line start and environmental protection production restrictions policy impact, China plate supply and demand is expected to mismatch, coupled with the "gold three silver four" demand release accelerated, after the overall performance of the aftermarket is still expected, therefore, 40cr Steel plate Manufacturers The price of a sharp fall may still be small.