Application Field Of Seamless Steel Pipe

- Jan 09, 2020-

  • The development of steel pipe production technology began with the rise of bicycle manufacturing, the development of oil in the early 19th century, the manufacture of ships, boilers, and aircraft during the two world wars, the manufacture of thermal power boilers after the Second World War, the development of the chemical industry, Drilling, production and transportation of petroleum and natural gas have strongly promoted the development of the steel pipe industry in terms of variety, output and quality.

  • There are many kinds of steel tubes, among which seamless steel tubes and stainless steel tubes are two kinds widely used in the field. Seamless steel tube is one of the important raw materials in economic construction, known as the industrial "blood vessel". It is widely used in mechanical industry, petroleum geology industry, chemical industry, power station boiler and heat exchanger tube.

  • Stainless steel seamless pipes are perhaps one of the most widely used metals in the world today. Not only does it have a good appearance, but it is also a metal with superior strength and durability. Many tools are made of stainless steel seamless pipes. Homeowners and businesses choose stainless steel tools. High-risk work requires reliable tools. Stainless steel tools ensure that they do not corrode or break during use. No one likes the tools in their house to rust.

  • Recently, stainless steel seamless pipes are mainly used in building decoration, tableware, food machinery, and lathe machine tools, mainly in energy, petroleum, chemical, machinery, and automobiles. Now, as long as it can be used in the iron industry, stainless steel is inseparable. Its unique nature is also recognized by more and more people, and the application field is also expanding.

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