China Coping With Trade Station S275JR Steel Plate

- Feb 06, 2019-

In order to put pressure on the United States, the EU's carefully listed list is not subject to political considerations: Harley Motorcycle is headquartered in Wisconsin State, home of House Speaker Paul Ryan (PaulRyan); The main production area of Bourbon whisky is in Kentucky State, where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (MitchMcConnell) ; Levi's costume is based in San Francisco and is the constituency of Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi (NancyPelosi).

Http:// coping with trade station S275JR steel plate China coping with trade station S275JR steel plate China coping with trade station S275JR steel plate The EU's plan has had some effect.

Ruian publicly said he was extremely concerned about the consequences of the trade war and urged Trump to abandon the tariff plan.

At the same time, if Trump finally decides to impose a 25% tariff on imported steel and a 15% tariff on imported aluminium, the EU plans to continue to expand the range of punitive tariff products imposed on the United States. Part of the reason the EU is so aggressive is that once countries closer to the United States, such as Canada and Mexico, receive some form of tariff exemption, EU countries such as Germany and France will eventually become real victims.

In terms of imports of steel, the largest exports of steel to the United States from January 2017 to November were Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Japan, Germany, India and other economies, according to the Commerce Department.

But the EU has always believed that Canada and Mexico will be exempted by the United States, including through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Trump's statement leaves a gap, that is, Canada and Mexico may be exempted if the new NAFTA version satisfies the United States. S275JR steel plate production with square steel, rather than billet, of course, billet can also be made out, but Billet made out of the cold pull square steel mechanical properties far can not meet the requirements. It is much worse than the cold pull square steel made by square steel. First put the square steel in the annealing furnace heating to a certain temperature, constant temperature reached a certain time, natural cold sure, pull out. Then put it on the cold drawing machine through the mold processing out of the specifications we want. Shandong Mr Voron steel processing plant is a professional in Shandong to provide hot-rolled flat steel, spring flat steel, cold-drawn flat steel, hot-rolled square steel, cold-drawn square steel manufacturers, our company has many years of production experience and sales experience, with good credit, excellent service and a number of enterprises to establish a long-term cooperative relationship.