Compressed Coal And Steel 10% Production Capacity

- Feb 28, 2019-

Zhang Xiwu, deputy director of Sasac, said at a regular State Department policy briefing held by the State Council on 20th that this year, on the basis of the original foundation, we should further promote the restructuring of the central enterprises, resolutely put an end to the "pull lang matching", mature one family to promote a household.

Accelerate the reorganization and integration of "zombie enterprises" and market clearance, initially considering the completion of three years to complete the disposal of 345 zombie enterprise tasks, coal and steel production will also use two years to compress production capacity of 10%. Zhang Xiwu said that the central enterprise to deepen the reform of the "slimming Body", the general requirements are to implement the Central Committee of the State party decision-making deployment, firmly establish the five development concepts, firmly put the supply-side structural reform of the main line of the work of "three to a drop" for the grasp, determined to practice hard, "slimming body", Strive to make the central enterprise layout structure obviously optimized within three years, the main business core competitiveness is significantly enhanced, the operating efficiency is significantly improved, most of the enterprise management level from the current 5-9 layers compressed to less than 3-4 layers, corporate units reduced by about 20%, steel, 45# seamless steel pipe, coal, non-ferrous metals.

The loss-making enterprises such as geological pipes and heavy equipment manufacturing reduce losses for profit. Focus from five aspects of "slimming Fitness".

One is to increase the supply-side structural reform efforts, optimize the state-owned capital layout structure.

The second is to compress the management level and streamline the personnel of the Organization.

Third, the integration of centralized resources, to do a strong and excellent main business.

Four is to promote "fitness" with innovation and develop a new economy.

The five is to promote cost reduction and efficiency, improve operational effectiveness.

To promote "slimming and fitness", we should strengthen organizational leadership, change the supervision function of state-funded countries, and fully stimulate the vitality and motivation of reform. "Whether it is slimming or fitness, not to withdraw from the competitive field, but to concentrate resources, clench the fist, and effectively enhance the vitality of the enterprise, influence, control and risk resistance, better to do stronger and bigger." "Zhang Xiwu said, thin four aspects of the body, in order to health four aspects of the body:

first, thin and bloated body, is through the compression management level, reduce the legal entity level and legal entity, divestiture of auxiliary industry, prominent main business, is to solve the planned economy retained land enterprises big and complete, encompassing, industrial chain is too long, distribution layout is too wide.

Second, to lean and inefficient body, aiming at improving the efficiency of state-owned capital operation and the efficiency of enterprise management, we should speed up the disposal of inefficient and ineffective assets in the main business of non-enterprise.

Third, thin and cumbersome body, reduce the loss point of enterprises, cure the source of enterprise hemorrhage, carry out special governance of difficult enterprises and loss-losing enterprises, speed up the reorganization and integration of "zombie enterprises" and market clearance.

Four is thin and negative body, do not conform to the core business of enterprises, the burden of corporate functions and difficulties as soon as possible to speed up the divestiture of enterprises to run the community and solve the historical legacy, reduce the burden on enterprises, so that state-owned enterprises and other enterprises as fair and fair participation in market competition.

At the same time, we should be effective in the management of the body, scientific management of the body, innovative development of the body and the main industry strong and excellent body. Zhang Xiwu said that this year, on the basis of the original, we should further promote the restructuring of central enterprises, to grasp the four principles:

first, from the direction of the point of view, we should adhere to the strategy of serving the country, and better play the important role of central enterprises in serving the national strategy.

Second, from the layout point of view, we should base on the overall situation of state-owned economic layout structure adjustment, resolutely implement the national industrial policy and the general idea of the adjustment of key industrial layout.

Third, from the effect, it is beneficial to optimize the allocation of resources and promote the transformation and upgrading of central enterprises to increase efficiency.

Four is from the way, to the enterprise-oriented, in accordance with the market-oriented approach to norms, fully respect the will of the enterprise. "Whether it is a reorganization or a vertical, horizontal business sector of new construction, there will be no new monopoly." Zhang Xiwu pointed out that in the process of reviewing and approving the reorganization process, it was strictly implemented in strict accordance with the relevant legal provisions of the anti-monopoly law of the People's Republic of China, including some projects developed by some enterprises abroad, and also strictly complying with the relevant monopolies of the territorial State for review and supervision.