Construction Precautions

- Feb 17, 2019-

Q345 Seamless moment Tube utilization rate is very high, but the general construction side in the construction, pipe, pipe fittings, rubber rings, such as a look inspection, found that there is a problem to give up the use.

1, clean up the Q345 seamless moment pipe mouth: will be in the mouth of all debris removal scrub clean.

2, clean the rubber ring, glue ring: The glue ring on the adhesive clean, the rubber ring bent to "plum shape" or 8 glyphs into the bearing groove, and the hand along the entire rubber ring press again, or with a rubber hammer to hit the solid, to ensure that the rubber ring parts do not twist, evenly stuck in the groove.

3, in the socket outside the surface and rubber ring on the brush lubricant: the lubricant evenly painted in the mouth installed on the surface of the adhesive ring, in the outer surface of the socket to brush the lubricant to the socket line outside the socket part of all brushed.

4, the lower tube: should be pressed according to the requirements of the Q345 seamless moment tube down to the bottom of the groove, usually the use of manual lower tube or mechanical under the Tube method.

5, the installation of machinery and equipment: will be prepared equipment installation in place, installation care should not be cleaned up the Q345 seamless moment pipe site again pollution. 6, the top push Q345 seamless moment tube to insert the inlet: In the installation, in order to insert the socket into the bearing mouth more labor-saving, smooth.

First, the socket is placed in the bearing mouth and the socket is pressed onto the rubber ring inside the bearing mouth, the wire rope and the inverted chain are connected, the winding chain is tightened, and until the socket is inserted into the bearing, the gap between the bearing port and the socket should be left around 2mm, and the distance between the outer edge and the rubber ring is consistent. During the installation process, the axle line of the fixed pipe and the dynamic tube should be in a straight line, otherwise it is easy to top out the rubber ring, affecting the quality and speed of the installation. Q345 Seamless moment tube installation to be flat, Q345 seamless moment pipe should be a straight line, in case of tilt angle, be careful.

Align the interface connecting the Q345 seamless moment tube to the bearing port, and if the insertion resistance is too large, do not force the insertion to prevent the rubber ring from twisting. Rubber ring lubricants should be used in vegetable oil; In cold winter, rubber rings can be preheated with hot water to reduce hardness and install quickly.