Steel Plate Manufacturers Price Is A Steady Rise In The Trend

- Feb 01, 2019-

Xi ' an 40cr steel plate factory market price fell 30 yuan, according to Lange Iron and steel cloud business Platform monitoring data show: The leading steel plant PU plate 5.5mm3930 yuan. The price weakens and the user waits. According to the spot management point feedback, the early market price is clear, the site is not eager to report the plan, middlemen also rarely procurement, traders shipments are relatively rare. Price small fall, trading light, see supply and demand sides to fall into a standoff, but not long, "turnaround" appeared again: Rebar futures only weak do not plunge, small and medium-sized dealers only small fall not to smash prices-customers found that really want to buy goods can not find a special cheap. After 10 o'clock, "to find out" the market conditions, users on demand procurement, market transactions gradually recovered, some of the low-cost resources to enlarge the volume. Futures tired and not soft, spot decline is not big, customers low-priced procurement, sales steadily rising-this is the morning market characteristics, as of midday close, inventory of large sales of more than 3,000 tons, small and medium-sized companies shipped 3,500 tons, the total amount to maintain a good level, of which, the site demand occupies an absolute main force, middlemen rarely take the initiative.

The terminal has a plan to indicate that the site has a consumption; The middleman is not active, indicating that the late period is not bullish-with the use of the purchase, the price is supported by rigid demand. From the morning to open the situation, 40cr steel plate manufacturers dominated the price of resources slightly lower than the previous transaction, to rebar as an example, in the resources of the Northeast production of high-quality products more than 3800 yuan to ship, qualified products hovering under 3760 yuan; factory resources, a small number of agents Zhongtian, schent and other base prices in 3800 yuan/ton.

This is the market situation: on the one hand, low prices become a common reference for everyone; on the other hand, no dealer really does not sell at cost. Today, Xi ' an market hot rolled plate volume price shock, the market transaction as a whole general. The market dominates the steel mill PU roll price of 3930 yuan/ton. With the volatility of futures and billet prices, Xi ' an market hot rolled plate rolls also follow the synchronous oscillation. Recently led steel plant eight steel, taisteel and Baotou Steel basically did not have a large number of resources to arrive, with the market demand started, the market inventory is less and fewer. Incomplete statistics, Xi ' an market hot rolled plate coil inventory in only 48,000 tons. As a result, the merchant reluctant mood is strong, even if the transaction is poor, also do not want to easily cut the market price. From the transaction point of view, now the merchant shipments are still average, more than one hundred or two hundred tons. It is expected that in the short term, Xi ' an market 40cr steel plate manufacturers prices are steadily rising trend.