This Week The National Angang 65Mn Steel Plate Manufacturers Bottom Price Rise

- Jan 24, 2019-

Beihai Angang 65Mn Steel plate manufacturers are still weak, good in the amount of resources tight, steel plate manufacturers inventory pressure is limited, steel plate manufacturers and traders will be stronger. This week's market shock weakened, billet prices fell 30 to 3830 yuan/ton, steel plate manufacturers spot market price multi-narrow consolidation operation. At present, the northern heating season steel plate manufacturers production restrictions has been opened, the supply will gradually shrink, but the demand side also shrinkage obvious. It is expected that the price of short-term steel plate manufacturers steel market will still be consolidation operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the strength of production restrictions implementation and inventory accumulation. At present, Changsha steel plate manufacturers shock watching, Changsha hot rolled coil, cold rolling stability has risen, this week, the country's main steel plate manufacturers inventory showed a downward trend, although the recent market demand is not strong, but the arrival of new resources is not much, steel plate manufacturers supply and demand to maintain a balanced state. Taken together, the North Sea steel plate manufacturers are expected to run at a price shock next week. Now in the context of the production capacity, steel plate manufacturers Social inventory shows a continuing downward trend, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, last week's total steel social inventory fell 1.6% to 9.73 million tons, the previous week dropped 2.2%. Of these, the medium plate 1.024 million tons drop 3.9%. According to previous years, the beginning of July, most of the steel mills will be routine maintenance, and this year, especially nearly two months, steel plate factory profits have been relatively considerable, the general full-speed production, equipment overload operation phenomenon is more common, so the maintenance needs become more prominent, in addition, "ground steel" on the medium plate although there is no obvious direct impact But as a top priority to go to capacity work, as of the end of May, the country has reduced crude steel production capacity of 42.39 million tons, the completion of the annual target of 84.8%, now from June 30 to fully clean up the "ground steel" * After the time limit of only two days, provinces and cities have announced the "Land Steel" enterprise disposal situation, to more stringent capacity Rapid progress, the steel industry into a new development cycle, and then backward capacity exit to a certain extent will vigorously restrict social inventory. Beihai Angang 65Mn Steel plate manufacturers Most of the market bottom price rise, steel plate manufacturers transaction performance is fair. As the air vents burned through, triggered a fire, although the incident is not big, but by the last Bengang steel plate factory blast furnace incident, the Sunshine blast furnace fire incident also caused a significant impact in the steel circle, so that the original steel plate manufacturers high concussion operation of the plate is more high, thus more determined the spot of higher-priced position operation. On the other hand, even if there is no environmental constraints, the demand in the north will gradually weaken over time, accompanied by the gradual progress of the steel plate manufacturers North material southward will also affect the activities and the South China coastal city of the spot price stability, in the case of increased resources, steel plate manufacturers fast shipping is for the current * main operating ideas. Taken together, the price of the bottom of the national Angang 65Mn steel plate manufacturers rose this week, and the mainstream North Sea steel plate manufacturers are expected to continue high shocks next week.