British Australian Standard UB H Beams UC H Beams

There are many different standards for hot rolled H beams. UB H beams and UC H beams are British Australian H beam.
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There are many different standards for hot rolled H beams. UB H beams and UC H beams are British Australian H beam. The standards are BS EN 10034 and BS 4-1. UB H beam is short for steel universal beams and UC H beam is short for steel universal columns. We can supply both size beams.

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British Australian Standard UB H Beams UC H Beams




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BS 5950-1: 2000 BS 4-1: 1993, BS EN 10034


Mill finish, Black surface, As rolled

Heat Treatment

Hot rolled

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quality control

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FAQ-How to Prevent Steel Rusting

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H beam classification:
Many h beam product specification, classification method has the following kinds.

(1) according to the products are divided into wide flange, flange width of flange and narrow the h-beam flange. Wide flange and flange in h-beam flange width is greater than or equal to B web height H. Narrow h-beam flange of the flange width B is equal to about half of the sternum height H.

(2) according to the product use into the H beam steel, H beam section steel column and H section steel pile, extremely thick H type steel beam flange. Sometimes will also legs parallel channels and parallel flange tees are also included in the scope of h-beam. In order to narrow the h-beam flange as a general stringer, column with wide flange h-beam as material, and accordingly beam, h-beam and column h-beam said.

(3) according to the mode of production into the welded h-beam and rolling h-beam.

(4) according to specification size is divided into large, medium and small size h-beam will usually web height H above 700 mm products known as large, 300 ~ 700 mm as medium, is less than 300 mm are called trumpet. By the end of 1990, the world's largest h-beam web height 1200 mm, width of flange is 530 mm.

Q: What's included in the service range and what the core value of it is?

Our service mainly refers to quality products, good service for resourcing, inspection, shipment loading, and installation guidance. The core value is "sincere one stop solution for client's projects and requests".

Q: What's your price level compared with the quality you supplied ?

There are many kinds of quality level in China, which brings about price difference. Offering right quality for clients' markets and state quality honestly, our price is reasonable and acceptable for the long term business cooperation.

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