Q345D Low Temperature H Beams

Hot rolled H beams are a kind of economical section beam with optimized frame and reasonable proportion between strength and weight.
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Hot rolled H beams are a kind of economical section beam with optimized frame and reasonable proportion between strength and weight. It is called H beam because its H shaped appearance. Every parts of H beams are all vertical. So H beam is bending assistant. We can supply common structural H beam and also Q345D H beam for low temperature service and with low prices.

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Q345D Low Temperature H Beams




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The characteristics of H beam:
H beam flange inside and outside of the parallel or nearly parallel and the flange end a right angle, hence the name parallel flange beams. H beam web thickness is smaller than same high ordinary web beams. The flange width is higher than the web also ordinary beams is large so named wide flange beam which is decided by the shape of the h beam section modulus and moment of inertia and the corresponding intensity were significantly superior to the same single ordinary beams. In the different requirements of metal structure, whether under bending moment pressure load and eccentric load are show its superior performance, can be relatively ordinary beams greatly improve the bearing capacity saving metal 10% ~ 40%.H beam flange width thin web specification using more flexible, used for various kinds of truss structure can save 15% ~ 20% metal. Due to its parallel to the flange inside and outside machined flange end facilitate combined into various components which H beam can save welding riveting work around 25% greatly speed up the construction of the project shorten the construction period.

Project scope for low temperature H beam:
Industrial steel structure warehouse/Steel workshop/hangar/garage/chicken shed, container house, prefabricated home, shed, exhibition hall, office buildings, garage, multi-story building, agricultural storage, logistic centers and all kinds of steel materials, sandwich panel, welded H beam, C/Z channel, corrugated steel sheet, preprinted steel sheet, etc.
Products & Service Scope:
Design& Engineering service, steel building, space frames, portable cabins, tubular steel structures, basic building elements (built-up welded H beam, hot-rolled H beam, channel, steel column, steel beam), standard frames, secondary framing, roof & wall materials.)


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