Q+T Alloy Steel Round Bar1.7225/SAE4140 for Machinery

Q+T Alloy Steel Round Bar1.7225/SAE4140 for Machinery

Cold rolled strip coils are produced based on hot rolled strip coils and steel plate by cold-rolling mills in room temperature.
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We are working hard to develop various A36 MS Plate Mild Steel Plate For Constructions, Steel Plate, American Standard A36 C Channel Metal Steel stockiest products with broad market prospects and market competitiveness, and we have achieved fruitful results. While we have developed high-quality products and services, we have also successfully shaped our company's unique charm and business style. Efficient execution is the result of clarifying strategic objectives, realizing talent guarantee, and improving the management and control process. Our company adheres to the quality policy of 'products compete with peers, quality is in line with international standards' and strives to create our brand, Our company has a number of cutting-edge high-tech talents and world leading level of production and manufacturing equipment.

Cold rolled strip coils are produced based on hot rolled strip coils and steel plate by cold-rolling mills in room temperature. Normally the thickness is from 0.1mm to 3mm, the width is more than 100mm.

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Black And Bright Surface Cold Rolled Strip Carbon Steel Coil






Q195A-Q235A,Q195AF-Q235AF,Q295A(B)-Q345A(B),SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, ST12-15, DC01-06,DC01, DC02, DC03, DC04


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Mill finish, Black surface, As rolled

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Cold rolled, Annealing

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FAQ-How to Prevent Steel Rusting

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Cold-rolled strip coil refers to based on hot rolled strip steel and steel plate as raw material, at room temperature by the cold mill rolling into a strip and sheet. Average thickness of 0.1 ~ 3 mm, width is 100 ~ 2000 mm. Cold rolled strip coil or plate has good surface finish, good smoothness, high dimensional accuracy and mechanical performance is good wait for an advantage. Products usually roll, a large part of processed into coating steel plate. The general thickness of cold rolled steel strip coil as 0.2 ~ 3 mm, width is 100 ~ 2000 mm, with hot rolled strip steel coil as raw material, at room temperature by the four or six roller cold rolling mill rolling line. Thickness of cold rolled strip coil is less than 0.2 mm strip called thin strip or foil, is to use cold rolled steel strip coil , further processed, usually adopts roller mill. Due to manufacture steel of various specifications, high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, mechanical properties and process performance are better than that of the hot rolled strip steel, and therefore is widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, locomotive vehicle, building structure, aviation rocket, light industry, food, electronic instrumentation and electrical appliances and other industrial sectors.
Cold rolled steel strip coil is a wide variety of products, production process is different, too. Representative of cold rolled strip steel coil products are metal coating sheet (including tinplate and galvanized sheet, etc.), deep drawing steel sheet (in most cars with boards), electrician silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, coating (or compound) of steel plate, etc. Cold-rolled strip steel coil product supply state has a board or volume or longitudinal shear belt, these depends on user's request. Cold-rolled strip coil varieties mainly include carbon structural steel, alloy and low alloy steel, stainless steel plate, electrical steel and other special steel plate, etc.

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