High Strength Low Alloy ASTM A572 Gr.50 Steel Plates

A572 steel plates are widely used in engineering structure, building structure, construction machinery, cargo
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ASTM A572 Gr.50 and A572 Gr.55 are low alloy high strength structural steel plate. A572 steel plates are widely used in engineering structure, building structure, construction machinery, cargo

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ASTM A572 Gr.50 Steel Plates



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Steel plate can be cut to sell as clients’ requirements


A572 Gr.50, A572 Gr.60, A572 Gr.65


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Hot rolled, Annealing, Tempered

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FAQ-How to Prevent Steel Rusting

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Low alloy structural A572 Gr.50 steel plate (also known as the common low alloy steel, HSLA)
1. Use
Mainly used in the manufacture of Bridges, ships, vehicles, boiler, pressure vessel, oil pipelines, large steel structure, etc.
2. The performance requirements
(1) high strength: its yield strength is more than 300 mpa.
(2) high resilience: requirements elongation is 15% ~ 20%, the impact toughness at room temperature is greater than 600 kj/m ~ 800 kj/m. For large welded components, but also requires a high fracture toughness.
(3) good weld ability and cold forming performance.
(4) low ductile-brittle transition temperature.
(5) good corrosion resistance.
3. The composition characteristics of
(1) low carbon of A572 Gr.50 steel plate: because the toughness, weld ability and cold forming performance of the demand is high, the carbon content less than 0.20%.
(2) is given priority to with manganese alloy elements.
(3) join niobium, titanium and vanadium additional element: a small amount of niobium, titanium and vanadium in steel of fine carbide or carbonitride formation, is helpful to obtain fine ferrite grain and enhance the strength and toughness of A572 Gr.50 steel plate.
In addition, add a small amount of copper (0.4% or less) and phosphorus (0.1%), etc., can improve the corrosion resistance. Add a small amount of rare earth elements, can go to gas desulfurization, and to make A572 Gr.50 steel plate purification, to improve the toughness and process performance. Iron and steel are used widely in the construction of roads, railways, other infrastructure, appliances and buildings. Most large modern structures such as stadiums and skyscrapers, bridges and airports are supported by a steel skeleton. Even those with a concrete structure will employ A572 Gr.50 steel plate for reinforcing. In addition, A572 Gr.50 steel plate sees widespread use in major appliances and cars. Despite growth in usage of aluminum, A572 Gr.50 steel plate is still the main material for car bodies.


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